Pokemon Card Misprints


patriotsfan117: ^^ Enter the tracking # on PSA's website, it'll let you know when they received the package :-) Feb 4, 2015 1:50:30 GMT -6
Pokémon Center Italy: UPCCC Giveaway is open!!! reply to the thread to participate! http://upccc.proboards.com/thread/3196/upccc-giveaway-free-entry-february?page=1&scrollTo=49309 Feb 9, 2015 5:26:48 GMT -6
mrman9: I recently opened a plasma blast booster pack and i got a defect. Can anyone find information? The pack was open, and when the factory tried to close it the online card got stuck in there , it has square edges, then they put another online card in the pack Feb 13, 2015 17:44:29 GMT -6 *
mrman9: thank you Feb 13, 2015 17:45:01 GMT -6 *
japanime: I just added a picture of the seldom-seen "Frozen Fish Promo" to my collection thread (rofl) http://upccc.proboards.com/post/49801 Feb 16, 2015 19:40:20 GMT -6 *
hapycakeoven: Finally figured out how to properly add links to my signature woot woot! Feb 17, 2015 20:39:55 GMT -6
blastoiserules1: I got a Boundaries Crossed pack with 2 code cards in it a couple months ago. Feb 18, 2015 7:24:53 GMT -6
Emperor Empoleon: Hi, new to this ProBoards, nice too see y'all, :P Feb 23, 2015 7:01:14 GMT -6
dipzy: HI, Feb 25, 2015 1:28:24 GMT -6
hapycakeoven: Would someone mind translating some japanese text for me? PM me if you can give me a hand! Feb 27, 2015 21:17:42 GMT -6
pokephd: Does anyone know if empty booster boxes are worth anything? Mar 19, 2015 18:13:20 GMT -6
1by1collector: @pokehd i'd love to know what people actually pay for them and how people post them (do they flatten them) i have many wizards boxes 1st edition which are in mint condition. Mar 19, 2015 21:33:33 GMT -6
pokephd: I sold several before since people asked me for them, and I didn't fold them. I think that folding can damage the box. Instead I put them in a box just the right size so that they'd have a "shell" during shipment. Mar 20, 2015 21:50:13 GMT -6
acebren: they don't sell for a hell of a lot, i've seen 1st edition base boxes go for as low as $20, i recently bought 6 old wotc boxes including 1st editon neo revelation and a few other desirable boxes for $1 + $10 shipping. and that got relisted often Mar 20, 2015 23:33:54 GMT -6
pokephd: Good to know! Thank you! Mar 21, 2015 0:01:54 GMT -6
espeonlover: I have the secreet rare dialga from a booster Mar 21, 2015 23:36:48 GMT -6
pokemonmaster556: Wow I feel like everyone on here I've either seen there name before on youtube or ebay! Well Im from both so either way im lol! Mar 22, 2015 13:01:47 GMT -6
thorgene: Crap Jeff found us. LOL Mar 22, 2015 13:51:29 GMT -6
pokephd: I don't understand why this can't be a real card. :( http://i.imgur.com/j0tHbb6.jpg Mar 23, 2015 21:20:36 GMT -6
Pokémon Center Italy: OMG it's super secret rare! Where did you find it??? Mar 24, 2015 15:16:33 GMT -6 *